United States of America: Dillusional

Everywhere in the press it is said that America is leading world growth. Nothing could be further from the truth.

American press and leaders are lying, or simply dillusional, while the general population is simply naive.

There’s no need to even look at the numbers. The truth is, whatever the numbers, the press will always frame them in a positive way. If not, they will blame something as inocuous as the weather.

I will go even further, and say that the official numbers given by the press are very, very “optimistic” to say the least…

The U.S. economy may have behaved historically better than Europe in the last 100 years. It is also true that, though heavily controlled and regulated, the U.S. is somewhat more free than Europe, and lays a smaller tax burden on its citizens. All this helps, but America, as the rest of the western world, has been progressively declining for the last 50 years

The recovery in America has been about as slow as in Europe. QE has done nothing. The U.S. is a ticking bomb waiting to explode.

Most of the jobs created have been in the oil industry. Precisely, Shale oil extracetd from fracking. As I have mentioned before, with todays lower oil prices this form of extraction has been rendered submarginal. Already the process has begun, with hundreds of producers shutting down.

Student loans and car loans, are next on the list of defaults. All these State initiatives created in order to get people to indebt themselves further will only prove what is already obvious. People don’t want more debt! They can’t afford it!

The sad truth about the U.S. is that its economy is nothing but an illusion. A projection of the remains of what used to be a great economy, but that for the past 50 years has become addicted to debt, has lost its industry and has lost just about everything that made it great and prosperous.

You will also hear on the press that Russia is the one suffering, what with all the sanctions and drop in oil prices. Or you may also hear that China is worried, cause it only grew 7% last year.

Believe me when I say Russia is doing just fine. They don’t even care about the change in the price of oil in dollars. You know why? Because they aren’t even accepting them. All the dollars they own are being sold for rubles, yuans and gold. In terms of the ruble, oil prices have not changed one bit.

In sum, America is in denial. It has already lost all semblence of international respect and, not far from now, it will lose its position at the top of the world order. The U.S. used to be great, but its wreckless monetary engeneering has destroyed its economy.

Indeed, the U.S. is soon to be a third world country.


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  1. Believe me it was all planned thus and so. Things will continue as such until all catch up with those who never shared equally in the “American Pie”- it was Apple in my city of birth 😉

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