Conspiracy Theories and WWIII

Do yourself a favour and stop watching the mainstream media. The things they tell you are half-truths at best. The media, just like the financial markets, just like the entertainment business, just like so many other things, are controlled by the same group of people. Who these people are, I cannot say, but let me assure you that it is NOT in their interest to keep you informed about what’s going on. It is truly scary, but the western world has become closer to the distopia of 1984 than anyone can imagine. I am now convinced, that the western world, is truly ruled by a group of powerfull men, who have infiltrated every political organization and industry. Without even realizing it, they manipulate us, they lie to us and they violate our liberty day to day. They deface our money, censure the truth and spoonfeed us their lies. And now, their actions are becoming more evident than ever…

The U.S. has not had a day without being at war in the last 100 years. Each and everyone of these efforts, are sold to the public as some “humanitarian” struggle, a fight for the principles of democracy, egality etc. But never has this been the case. In every instance that the U.S. has made use of it’s armed forces it has been to defend its supremacy over the world, and also, the supremacy of the U.S. dollar.

In 2000, Saddam Hussein decided to start selling barrels of oil in euros, not dollars, shortly after, he was taken care of.

More recently, Libya, has been subject to an uprising, and Gadaffi who had been in power for over forty years, was overthrown and killed. Could this, and the U.S. involvement have anything to de with the fact that:

1. Gaddafi was setting up a satellite fot telecommunications in Africa.

2. Attempting to unite africa under one nation The United States of Africa.

3.Planning, in 2011, to create an African Central Bank, and issuing a gold backed currency which would compete with the euro and dollar.

How convenient that just as these events unfold, civil unrest and discontent emerge, in a dictatorship that had lasted for 40 years. We must face the truth:

The U.S. bombed Lybia. It killed thousands of innocent men and women. It armed and trained the rebel forces which would later take down Gadaffi.

And what can we say about Iran today? Only that together with India, they are beggining to sell their oil in GOLD, not U.S. dollars. The U.S. cannot allow this. It must enforce the use and acceptance of the dollar.

All of this, is today, more relevant than ever. Why?

Because the U.S., is on the brink of collapse. They will soon default, and the U.S. dollar, the world reserve currency, will become worthless, following the destiny of every other single fiat currency. A new world order, will soon emerge, I’m talking about something HUGE in the next decade.

Therefore, don’t doubt for a second that the U.S. will not make use of its army to try to avoid this inevitability. You will soon hear about more threats in the middle east, unrest, religious fannatists…But do not be fooled.

The U.S. controls the worlds money supply. Those who control the mony supply, will rule the world. This was said in a speech by U.S. president Garfield before he was assassinated. This is why, I am always going on about gold, and monetary policy. It is, perhaps, the most important tool of power in the world. Anything that challanges the supremacy of the dollar, is number 1 on the list of threats to these people. And this just emphasizes the importance of money.

In conclusion, U.S. will soon fall, just as Rome, just as any other empire. Inevitably, a new world order will emerge. If Europe got it’s act together, we might be able to save ourselves, unfortunately, I feel like the U.S. and Europe are controlled by these same people who are leading us down this path.

It will probably, therefore, be the BRICS and the middle east who will rise at this opportunity. But perhaps something good will come out of this, for at least the evil meglomaniacs that rule the western world will be overthrown. Of course they will not suffer, the people will. But perhaps, just perhaps, their demise will give us some of our freedom back.


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  1. 76/years and passing. A long journey from elementary school and being in the ‘Honor Guard’ for Monday assembly day. Lived to the the day when the sheets have been pulled back, and what do I/we see… people going about each as the day before, seeing but blinded by all the intense glitter. Like deer trapped in the headlights pressing– it will be to late move after being overtaken by all the shinning deceptions.

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