Education and Health II

On the issue of education. The same is true as with health. Ensuring that everyone receive a good education is in the interest of everyone. However, the best way to ensure this, is not centralized State provision.

First of all, the State shouldn’t decide what is taught at school. In reality, at best, the state will only have a vague idea of what is the neccesary knowledge and skills we should be passing on to the next generation. A State appointed curriculum is dangerously close to becoming simple propaganda and endoctrination.

Furthermore, the State need not supply or fund the demand for education. Education in itself, is actually incredibly cheap. I’d even go as far as to say that it’s free nowadays. The internet is a limitless enciclopedia that contains most, if not all of the knowledge in the world, and it’s accesible to anyone.
Even more traditional forms of education are relatively cheap. We could argue that the average cost of education cannot differ much from the avarage wage, since all that is required is a teacher.
Empirical evidence and history will support this. Many people don’t realize that in places such as England and France, as soon as the XVII century, over 90% of the population could already read and write. This was not prompted by any state plan, but rather by simple private initiative.

Having said this, it’s easy to see how state education has damaged society. First, by distributing the costs of education in a bad way, by which I mean the complete socialization of the costs. This is wrong both economically and philosophically. For why should you be forced to pay for education of others?
Also, there is a clear problem of misadjustment of demand and supply, in terms of the labor market.
The fact that Education is subsidized creates an excess of supply of students, especially in areas such as humanities and certain social sciences. Many of these students would not take these courses, were they rightly made to pay the true cost, since the benefits obtained do not outweigh the real cost.

In conclusion, the solution as always is simple: Allow market forces to lead to the best outcome. In other words, let people make their own free choices, learn what and how they want. Don’t force education, or the cost of education on anyone. Allow people to be free, and have some faith in humanity, the results may surprise you.


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