Entrepreneurship and Nietzschean philosophy

The great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche would argue in his philosophical treatise that the approach to life and morality could be divided into two. The master-morality, is in fact the “original” morality, whereas the slave mentality, actually comes from deliberately revaluating the master mentality and turning it around.

The master-mentality, which is the approach taken by Nietzsche’s superman, is that of the typical noble man. He has a zest for life and values every moment, he is creative, brave and believes that goodness resides in strength and power.

Meanwhile, the slave despises the master. His morality is based on resentment. The slave morality, therefore sees power and strength as evil and characterizes good as humbleness, humility…This is indeed the christian definition of “good” and very much reflects the ideas present in today’s society. This line of thinking is nicely summarized in the following quote: “The democratic movement is the heir to Christianity.”

This analysis is very interesting, and I personally like to transpose the analogy to the modern-day, by defining master mentality as entrepreneurship and slave mentality as belonging to labour.

The fact is, though it may seem that way, that Nietzsche wasn’t in favour or against any of these moralities, both elements are necessary, though he was more concerned with slave mentality, since it posed a bigger threat to humanity. Biblical principles of turning the other cheek, humility, charity, and pity are the result of universalizing the plight of the slave onto all humankind, and thus enslaving the masters as well.

It should be evident to anyone, that today we live in a world ruled by slave-mentality. In politics, as in slave morality, there is an obsession with utility, the good is what is most useful to everyone.

The problem is, as Nietzsche pointed out, that the masters become enslaved too, and as we know, we need both elements, just as Ying needs Yang. Slave mentality, will inevitably crush individuality and creativity the characteristic traits of the noble-man. This manifests itself today as a clear bias in favour of the labor/slave population and an unfair discrimination against the noble man/entrepreneur.

Tha fact is, that you need entrepreneurs to create jobs, just as much as you need people to perform those jobs. The problem in todays western economies, is that real job creation by entrepreneurs is made unnecessary and inefficiently hard, through mechanisms of regulation taxation and workers rights.

It’s stupidly simple really, if you want more jobs, make it easier for people to create and give jobs Duh!

In fact, my personal opinion is that with the increase in technology and wealth, the natural movement in the future will be to reverse this process, and rather than enslave the masters, the slaves will become empowered.

This is already happening. The world of work is changing radically, if you think about it. Innovation and technology have destroyed many of the barriers that the slaves used to encounter.

In olden times the labourers would have to work for the capitalist, who provided the labourers with the necessary tools and training. Nowadays, many tools are already at the disposal of the labourer. Training, through the internet, has also become incredibly simple. All that is needed really, is for individuals to use these tools and exercise their creativity, but this is exactly the traits that slave morality destroys!

In simple terms, the line that separates entrepeneurs and labourers, slaves and masters, is becoming harder and harder to see. With the easy availability of tools, its easier than ever for anyone to become an entrepreneur, his own master. All this requires is a change of mentality.

We may well point this out as another instance of maladaption. During the stone age, our minds evolved to seek comfort and security, to not stray away from normality. This made sense given the precariousness of life back then. In a way, trying to be en entrepreneur in the stone age, would likely get you killed. But this is hardly the case anymore, the world is moving fast, and we are struggling to keep up with it.


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