Freedom, Democracy and Aristocracy

It is very clear to me and a few others, that the political system we have right now is intrinsically flawed. Too much is said about the individual cases of corrupt politicians, when in fact, politicians, are nothing but human beings . They obey the same instincts and behave just like any other human. That is why my emphasis is on the system which allows and promotes this kind of behaviour.

The system we have in place today, is based on electing representatives that will decide on the issues which affect the country. The citizens are in fact delegating the decision-making to an elected representative. This kind of system could be similar to an aristocracy, which defines a system where the most able men take the decisions. The electoral process, however, prevents the system from selecting the most able or knowledgable men.

In an effort to get elected, rather than stand by their principles, most parties cave and attempt to buy votes by introducing policies which the electorate favours(regardless of their implications). The problem with this is that rather than having the most able men leading us, we have the most popular men. And it all comes down to that. The electorate doesn’t really know how to run things. That’s why we decided to delegate in the first place. The average joe doesn’t have time to worry about the relevant issues in politics today, he has a job to do and a family to feed.

Summing up, delegating the functions of government to specialists is good. Like I always say, not everyone is an economist, for example, which is why we shouldn’t decide economic policy based on what the majority of people say. The problem comes with the way this delegation takes place. Through the process of elections, we create the opportunity for politicians to forge alliances with certain groups, to make unsustainable and harmful promises and to, in conclusion, whore themselves out for votes.

Think about the implications of this. What would be the consequences of having elected juries?

So what’s the solution? Democracy without elections.

Why not simply select a representative segment of the population as the ultimate decision-making body. This would mean that, while the functions of the government are still delegated onto the civil servants, the whole operation is overseen by the chosen citizens. This system can be very much seen as a reflection of how a court room works, at least in America: There is a body of professionals, lawyers and judges, but the ultimate decision rests on the jury. The job of the lawyers and judges is to present the situation in a clear way for the jury to make an informed verdict.

This system would solve many of the issues we face today. By having a group of honest men and women in government, not running, but making sure that the State truly works for the people, we would create the perfect barrier to stop corporatism. Such a system may not be ultimately perfect, but it’s certainly  a step up from what we have today


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