Democracy and freedom

Democracy…good or bad?

I do believe in democracy, but I believe what we have now is a terrible mismanaged democracy, which has turned into a demagogy.

It was  J.S. Mill who warned about the dangers of democracy becoming the tyranny of the majority. This statement I find very accurate.

Left alone, democracy can be a freedom killing machine. After all, every time you do what the majority want, you are disregarding the minority. You may very well, rather the State, may very well be coercing this minority into accepting the rule of the majority and therefore extinguishing the true freedom of the individual. And that’s a very important issue I find this to be a good explanation of why the tendency in the last few years has been towards more government intervention, more regulation, and by counterpart, less freedom and liberty. I mean, you can always find something that’s in the interest of 60% of people, so screw the other 40%.

I do believe in democracy. We should all take part in the process of determining the laws by which our society, and ourselves, will have to respond to. We should also be able to decide who runs the institutions that provide and protect the law.But that’s it.

I often like to say I would like to see a world ruled by laws, not by men.


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