Often I get asked by people weather I am “left-wing” or “right-wing”. Often, also, people kind of assume after listening to me for a while that I belong to the “right”. My answer to this is always the same: I cannot put myself in any part of a spectrum which doesn’t hold my political and philosophical views […]

Let’s review some of the latest events of relevance that have occured around the world: Cheap fuel Energy prices have plummeted very significantly in the past months. What has happened? There are many factors coming into play. One is the rising dollar. Yes, the dollar has appreciated in the past few weeks. Don’t misinterpret this […]

Pablo Iglesias, se ha visto catapultado hacia la fama tras el éxito que ha tenido Podemos en las elecciones europeas. Así pues, durante las últimas semanas Iglesias ha aparecido en varias cadenas de televisión defendiendo y exponiendo los principios de su partido. Sin entrar en gran detalle en el programa de Podemos, me gustaría discutir […]

Si la intención es lo que cuenta, parece ser que sí. Como ya han anunciado muchos medios , Podemos se sitúa como primer partido en intención de voto para las próximas elecciones, seguido de cerca por el PSOE y no tan de cerca por el PP, que en los últimos meses, aunado por los persistentes escándalos […]

During the past few days, I’ve had the pleasure to discover the works and explore the wisdom of one of the greatest economists of our time, Antal Fekete. This mathematician and economist is, as far as I know, the most knowledgeable person on matters of monetary policy and financial markets. I hope that in the […]

It has almost been a year since I made my predcitions for 2014. Most of what I said back then, is still relevant today. The real problems in the economy have yet to be tackled, while most people are still looking at the all-powerfull central banks to take responsability for “boosting” the economy. The naivety […]

A menudo en discusiones, a los liberales se nos llega ha acusar, erróneamente, de ser “egoístas o de “no tener corazón”. Es cierto, que a primera vista puede parecer así. Cuando los liberales afirmamos, por ejemplo, que no es necesariamente el deber del Estado amparar a aquellos más desfavorecidos, puede llegar a producir desde enfado […]

This article was originally posted on pompeunomics.com The Value of Money Once up on a time, there was a society of people creating and exchanging goods. As this society of people increased in number and wealth, it became increasingly difficult to exchange one good for another, the process known as barter. In an effort to […]

The simple truth of the matter is that human beings have not adapted to the changes we have made in our environment over the past 1000 years. Despite what we may like to believe, and in spite of our superior intelligence, we are still animals driven by our instincts. When it comes to the need […]

The 21st century holds the promise to be an era of enlightenment and human development. Technological progress has grown exponentially and who is to say it won’t continue like that. The idea of a better, more advnced world is something that fills our minds with wonder and enthusiasm. Yet many people today think that progress can be […]

Western economies have become addicted to debt. In Europe, not a day goes by where the press doesn’t mention sovereign debt, bank debt, or credit. Indeed, the first thing we must comprehend is that debt and credit are two sides of the same coin. They go together like a horse and carriage. One person acquires […]

Inspirado por el brillante artículo de Gerard Valldeperes, Educació: monopoli de l’Estat?, me gustaría dedicar este escrito a plasmar algunas ideas que llevo tiempo formando sobre este tema. La educación es sin duda una de las dimensiones más importantes de nuestras vidas. Es aquello que nos diferencia de los demás animales que habitan este planeta. Pero  la capacidad de pensar […]

Everywhere in the press it is said that America is leading world growth. Nothing could be further from the truth. American press and leaders are lying, or simply dillusional, while the general population is simply naive. There’s no need to even look at the numbers. The truth is, whatever the numbers, the press will always frame […]

Transaltion from my article originally posted in SFL Barcelona: ¿Quién es el enemigo? The multitude of tragedies that Spaniards and the rest of the world, have suffered since the beginning of the crisis, inevitably leads us to question; Why? How did we get here? The massive contraction of our welfare in recent years, has not been a […]

The past few weeks have brought about many significant changes to the geopolitical landscape. Most recently, Syriza has gained a majority in the Greek elections. The radical left-wing party has actually formed a coalition government with the far right. Syriza promises to rid Greece of the pathology of “austerity”. They plan to do this by […]